POSTED IN Portfolio 4.12.2011

Aesthetic and functional product design for Immerz. 2011. Concept by Shahriar Afshar.

Have you ever been trying to sleep when a car passes by with the bass thumping? What about that time when you where reading that really interesting book and your neighbor’s sound system rendered the deep vibrations of an explosion directly through your concentration? What is it about having the bass turned up that is so enticing so as to make people risk alienation from their neighbors and roommates to experience it? The answer is simple: People want to feel their media, not just hear it. They want to get pulled into that latest FPS videogame, or feel as if yo yo ma’s cello was really in their lap.

The KOR-fx is a product that is designed to give you that sensation without all the angry neighbors. It picks up on signature frequencies in videogames, movies and music, amplifies them, and then pumps them directly into your chest. It turns out that this sensation is even more convincing to the brain than a sub-woofer on the floor. The neuro-pathways which are activated by the KOR-fx’s vibration paddles are the same which are activated when speaking. In short, the brain thinks that these vibrations are really originating in you.

Designed to be a premium gaming product initially marketed towards younger gamers, the KOR-fx technology has many applications both in entertainment and in medicine. It has been awarded several patents.

Kor-fx: Feel It.  Live It.

Kor-fx: Good Vibrations

Kor-fx: Neuro-Pathways

Kor-fx: Design Features.

Kor-fx: Folding